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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Northwestern Wisconsin Home Buyers

Six Lakes Realty Buyer Resolutions

If you are hoping to buy Northwestern Wisconsin property during 2022, make a pledge to take these five steps!

1. Check your credit history. You can obtain free, official copies of your credit reports from the three main bureaus at Check your credit reports for any errors about your identifying info or payment history. If you find any errors, contact the reporting bureau right away.

2. Pay down your debts. If you have credit cards, car payments or other installment debts, these obligations will affect the mortgage amount a lender will offer. This is because your “debt-to-income” ratio is part of the qualifying process. Your debt load can affect your credit score, too!

3. Avoid the temptation to open new credit cards or lines of credit. Do not co-sign for another person’s debt; those payments, even if paid by someone else, can still affect the debt-to-income ratio in your mortgage underwriting.

4. Save money consistently. Set up an automatic savings deposit to happen with each paycheck. Lenders like to see good savings habits, and you’ll need to have funds for your down payment and closing costs.

5. Work with a local expert at Six Lakes Realty! We can refer you area lenders, and guide you throughout the entire Northwestern Wisconsin property search and purchase process!

When you have real estate questions, we’re here to help! Six Lakes Realty is a locally-owned family business with over 40 years of experience. Call us today for friendly, hometown service!

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Managing Broker
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