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Avoiding Ice Formation on Your Northwestern Wisconsin Home

Northwestern Wisconsin winter home tips

If your Northwestern Wisconsin home sprouts icicles along the roof, it could be cause for concern. Icicles form when heat escapes through your attic, allowing the roof to become warm enough to melt snow. As the water reaches the coolest edge of the roof, it can begin to freeze again, forming icicles.

Eventually, the ice at the edge of the roof can build up and create an ice dam. As ice dams grow, they put pressure on your roofing, gutters and walls, creating gaps between the materials. When the ice dam melts, water can seep inside your home and cause more damage.

The best way to avoid ice formation is with good insulation. In most of Wisconsin, attic insulation rated R49 to R60 is recommended. The “R” in the insulation rating tells you how well the material resists heat from escaping. The effective rating of any insulation depends on its type and thickness.

Different insulation materials can be used in attics, basements, crawl spaces and in between walls. You can learn about them at But before new insulation is added, it may be necessary to fix air leaks, or repair prior damage. Old insulation may need to be removed. Protective eye gear, breathing gear and gloves must be worn when dealing with insulation.

This is a job best left to the pros! We know reliable contractors and service providers who can help you with just about any project. We will be happy to give you a personal referral to them! Six Lakes Realty is a locally-owned family business with over 40 years of experience. Call us today for friendly, hometown service!

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