Six Lakes Realty

Preparing Your Home for Showings

Your Northwestern Wisconsin home or cabin should be in the best possible condition before being placed on the market. This enables your property to present a good “first impression” among buyers!

  1. Take care of any deferred maintenance. Now is the time to tackle that fix-it list! Consider having a home inspector evaluate your property now, so you can avoid surprises later.
  2. Do not excessively remodel. Not all projects offer a good return for the money. The professionals at Six Lakes Realty will help you identify cost-effective improvements.
  3. Curb appeal counts! Your properties exterior and lawn should be well-kept. If you sell during the winter, make sure the driveway is plowed, and the walkway is clear of snow and ice.
  4. Your home or cabins interior should appear fresh and bright. Polished floors, clean carpeting, freshly-painted walls, and new window treatments look sharp. Clean the windows and allow in plenty of natural light.
  5. Your properties mechanicals should be in good working order. If your home or cabin has older appliances or mechanicals, consider offering a home warranty.
  6. Remove clutter. Closets and storage areas should be tidy and have a good amount of open space.
  7. Remove personal photos and trophies. The buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the home. That’s harder to do when there are an excessive amount of family photos and personal items around.

Six Lakes Realty will provide specific suggestions for your property! Please contact us for a free comparative market analysis and pre-listing consultation.

Home Staging

Home staging is the art of making your home interior look so inviting, that it attracts higher offers. There are professional home stagers who can provide you with full-service staging advice – even furniture and wall hangings! However, investing in home staging isn’t always necessary. Here are some home staging tips that just about anyone can do.

    1. Use brighter light bulbs in every room and closet. Leave the lights on when you leave for a showing.
    2. Let in plenty of natural light. Windows should be cleaned, as well as blinds and curtains. Open them up!
    3. Put some things in storage. Large furniture shrinks up your square footage!
    4. If your furniture is older, stained, or worn, use coordinated couch and chair covers.
    5. Put new bedspreads on the beds, along with new coordinated pillow covers.
    6. Put new guest towels and bath mats in all washrooms. Sinks and tubs should be scrubbed and gleaming! Put away toothpastes, brushes, personal hygiene products, ect.
    7. Organize your closets and cabinets to show open space. Yes, buyers will look in them!
    8. Lock up jewelry, checkbooks and medicines, or take all of it with you when there is a showing.
    9. Set the dining room table with placemats, nice dishes and silverware. Have a centerpiece as well.
    10. Make sure there is “flow” between rooms; furniture should not block halls, entryways, or act as room dividers.
    11. Use inexpensive art prints to dress up your walls.
    12. Use throw pillows and decorative rugs to add color and texture to a room.
    13. Pay attention to the kitchen! Details like the smell of fresh-baked cookies, a sparkling-clean sink and open counters make a good impression.
    14. Remove pet supplies, dishes, and toys; hide them in a bin. For safety’s sake, take your pets with you when there is a showing, or temporarily kennel them. Some buyers are afraid of dogs, and others are allergic to cats.

We have many more suggestions for you, and we’ll custom-tailor them to your home! Contact Six Lakes Realty for home selling guidance today!