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Selling Your Northwestern WI Home in 2023? Start Now!

Selling your Northwestern WI home

If you’re thinking of selling your Northwestern Wisconsin home, it’s never too early to put your plan together. In fact, the more time you give yourself to gather information, make decisions and prepare, the easier the sales process will be. Here’s where to start!

1. Get advice from a local, experienced brokerage who won’t pressure you. At Six Lakes Realty, we provide free consultations with no strings attached. We will estimate your home value as-is, and give you practical suggestions to maximize your sale price.

2. Decide when you want to list your home for sale. This could depend on your home sale prep, or the school year calendar. Maybe you want to list your home during the spring home buying season. The best time to list is when it works for you and your household!

3. Line up any needed home repairs, storage facilities or movers well in advance. Good professionals are always in demand, and everything takes a little longer these days. We can refer you to trustworthy pros to make things easier!

4. Once you have pinned down a listing date, start cleaning, de-cluttering and packing! This process takes time, and it’s less stressful when you’re not in a rush. Work room-by-room. Organize what you are keeping, and label boxes as you pack them.

We are here to help you! Six Lakes Realty is a locally-owned family business with over 40 years of experience. Contact us today for friendly, hometown service!

John Flor
Managing Broker
Six Lakes Realty
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