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Shopping for Chetek WI Homes During the Winter

Did you know January and February have been named two of the best months to buy a home? Compared to the spring and summer buying seasons, these winter months can be an opportune time to score a deal and find your Chetek dream home without competing with the influx of buyers soon to hit the market.

Have you started to shop for homes in Chetek WI while there’s still snow on the ground? Below are a few reasons why you’re on the right track as we move into February:

You can spot flaws
While a home does show well during the holidays, once the hustle and bustle is over and the decor has been taken down, it’s easy to spot a property’s flaws. Perhaps there are drafty windows, a leaky roof or even a lack of privacy that is more easily noted when holiday decor is taken out of the mix. Winter presents an excellent time to see a home for what it really is, because once spring rolls around things will only get better!

You can ask to see seasonal photos
Some Chetek WI homes have stand-out features like a pool, deck, patio or gardens and unfortunately, these cannot be completely shown off during the winter. However, you can always ask for photos of the home during the spring and summer! That means less surprises for you as the new homeowner and a chance to visualize what things will look like when the ground thaws.

You can work with the seller
During the spring and summer months, the real estate market tends to get busier and busier, leaving homebuyers with a sense of urgency to compete for a home they love. That can also mean less time to feel like you’re negotiating your best offer with the seller or scoring a deal, given the other buyers interested in the same property. Buying a home during the winter months allows you to work with a seller that may be highly motivated to move on in time for spring.

You can ask for documentation
As I mentioned above, some Chetek homes have warm weather features that are unable to be tested in the winter— a sprinkler system, for instance. While homeowners typically winterize these features, you can ask for documentation from the company that shut it down so there are no questions when the time comes to use it again.

If you’re ready to begin looking at available homes in the Chetek area, do not hesitate to reach out! Our team at Six Lakes Realty is here to help you through the home buying process, every step of the way!

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Managing Broker
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