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5 Tree Condition Tips for Your Northwestern Wisconsin Home

Northwestern WI tree and home tips

While admiring the spectacular autumn colors in Northwestern Wisconsin, we should also be checking the health of any trees around the home! Diseased trees and dead branches can fall in a storm, and create property damage you didn’t expect. Here are 5 tips to help you manage your trees!

1. Check for dead or dying branches while trees still have foliage. Mark the branches needing pruning with paint. You can tape a sponge roller on a telescoping tree trimmer for marking the branches; or, let a professional arborist handle it.

2. Check your trees for signs of wilt, blight, leaf spots, and evergreen “rust” or discoloration. Fungus and disease can often be turned around with fertilizer treatments, fungicides and root grafts, if the issues are caught soon enough.

Don’t be too quick to cut down a sick tree; this can cause a fungus to spread more aggressively to other trees! Find info at UW-WI Horticulture and check with a tree professional. You can also contact the local UW-Extension office for advice.

3. While it’s easier to catch during summer, evidence of insect damage is detectible on bark and leaves during the fall. The WI DNR offers a guide to help you identify pest damage.

4. The best time to prune dead branches or excessive growth is late fall and early winter. (Pruning too late in the winter can lead to sap loss in the spring.) If it’s necessary to cut down a diseased or infested tree, winter is best.

5. If you see spots or wilt on fallen leaves, do not mulch these leaves! Remove them from the lawn. Ditto for sticks and branches from any sick tree. Clean everything up to prevent fungus, pests or bacteria from spreading to healthy trees. If it is safe to do so, and your community permits it, burn the debris as you collect it.

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