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3 Price Strategies for Selling Your Northwest Wisconsin Home!

In a prior blog post, we’ve talked about how home condition affects market value, and how a market analysis shows price ranges for your property. But when it comes to pricing your Barron County home for sale, you call the shots! We offer recommendations, but the actual list price is yours to choose.

There are three ways to look at pricing strategy:

Market-based pricing. Using recent sales comparisons, we’ll show you the price trends for homes similar to yours. We’ll compare amenities and market information to narrow things down. Market-based pricing is the most common strategy our clients use.

Bargain pricing. If your home needs work, or you are a motivated seller who seeks a quick offer, a below-market price can draw immediate attention. In some cases, excited buyers can cause a bidding war and drive up the final sales price. This isn’t a sure bet, however. 

Rare opportunity pricing. A well-built home in a highly desirable, hard-to-get location can command a premium.  Be careful, though. Too high of a price can backfire, making a big price cut necessary after losing time and market momentum.  Also, if the sales price isn’t supported by the buyer’s bank appraisal, the deal can fall through. 

The right pricing strategy for you depends on your home, its location, your motivation and the risks you are willing to take. During your listing appointment, we will give you in-depth information and honest advice, without any sales pressure.

In order to make the best decisions, you need an experienced broker! Six Lakes Realty has over 40 years of experience in buying and selling Northwest Wisconsin real estate! We are a locally-owned family business, providing hometown, personalized service throughout the Barron County area. Call us today for expert guidance!

John Flor
Managing Broker
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