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WI Lake Home Decisions: Remodel, or Tear Down and Build New?

One of the questions home buyers have about older lakefront homes in Wisconsin, is whether remodeling the home is feasible, or if tearing it down and building new is the better option.

First, you must check the local ordinance. Generally, a non-conforming home built prior to modern zoning can be torn down and rebuilt, if it was damaged by storms or fire. Sometimes, you might be allowed to tear down and replace a non-conforming structure for reasons of functional obsolescence or disrepair. Any new construction would be required to conform to current ordinance. Advance approval of your plans must be obtained.

The amount of red tape, along with the potential for any exceptions, depends on the municipality involved. As your Chetek area real estate experts, we can help you sort this out!

When it comes down to cost, it’s usually cheaper to tear down an old house and start over, rather than do extensive remodeling. When you remodel an older home, you can discover problems you never knew existed! For this reason, a remodeling job is less predictable in expense and time. Conversely, new construction has fewer surprises.

There are also considerations for financing new construction, versus financing a rehab. We know excellent lenders in the Chetek area who can help you evaluate your options!

Ready to buy or build a Chetek area lake home? Having the professional guidance of local real estate experts is priceless! Six Lakes Realty is a locally-owned family business with over 40 years of experience in Northwest Wisconsin real estate! Call us today for friendly, hometown service!

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