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5 Things in Your Chetek WI Home That Might Turn Away Buyers

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As we mentioned in our previous blog post, selling your home during the holidays can be a great idea and just as lucrative as selling during the spring and summer months! However, that’s only if your Chetek WI property is well prepared for the market. There are dozens of ways to spruce up your Chetek area home before listing, including removing the common items that have been known to turn buyers away!

If you’re thinking about selling your Chetek home this year or in 2019, you may want to consider removing the following items:

Do you have a stamp collection or love to display holiday collectibles? You might want to consider storing them away until your home is sold. Many collections on display can read as clutter to buyers and ultimately turn them away. All is well while your home is off the market, but as soon as you’re ready to move, it’s best to pack them up.

Pet damage
Everyone loves their pet, but remember that not all buyers are pet fans like you might be. If you have noticed pet damage like scratched floors or stained carpet, consider having them re-finished or re-done prior to listing.

Tis the season to find bugs inside of your Chetek WI home, even just friendly ladybugs! But that doesn’t mean you should let them roam while buyers are inside! Take care to remove any sign of bugs as buyers will quickly get the wrong impression that the home isn’t as clean as it should be.

Whether pet or food-related, odors can quickly send buyers running for the door. Be aware of what you are cooking before a showing and even pause on lighting strong scented candles. Not all buyers love the same aromas you do and having a strong scent in your home can turn them off with little effort.

Personal photos
It’s true— de-personalizing your Chetek WI home can help it sell. Buyers ultimately want to envision themselves living in the property which can be difficult to do when your photos and personal items are displayed. Consider storing your personal photos before buyers arrive to tour the home— you can always bring them back out afterward!

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