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4 Things to Fix Before Selling Your Chetek Home

If you’ve lived in your Chetek home for a number of years, there might be issues with it that you no longer notice. But some of these things can discourage home buyers and make it harder to attract an offer. Here are 4 things to address before putting your Chetek home on the market!

1. Remove clutter, inside and out. This can be a tall order, but you’ll thank yourself later! You’ll have to remove personal belongings after the sale anyway. Cleaning up your property in advance will make it more appealing to potential buyers. It will also make your home appear more spacious.

2. Trim back overgrown trees and shrubs. Nature in Northwestern Wisconsin is beautiful, but driveways, walkways and structures should be free of overgrowth. Dead branches should be removed, especially if they are in proximity to the home.

3. Remove odors. Cigarette smoke and pet odors leave a lingering impression on buyers. Give the walls, baseboards, ceilings, flooring, doors, cabinets, countertops and windows a thorough cleaning.

4. Remove stained, faded or worn carpeting. Replace it with new carpeting, or with another type of flooring.

There are more steps you can take to improve your home’s market potential. We’ll be happy to evaluate your home and give you specific recommendations! Contact us for your home valuation review. There’s no cost and no obligation!

When you are ready to sell your Chetek area home, Six Lakes Realty offers the very best in real estate guidance! We are a locally-owned family business with over 40 years of experience. Our friendly, hometown service is just a call away!

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