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The Best Time to Sell Your Chetek WI Home

As a homeowner thinking of moving to a new Chetek WI home, you are constantly looking for ways to sell both efficiently and for top dollar. And while there are dozens of factors that affect your ability to sell successfully, one of them is timing! There is, in fact, an opportune time to sell your home in the City of Lakes and that time is now!

May has been noted as the best month to sell your home! Why? Not only are homebuyers continuously entering the real estate market to find their Chetek dream home and lock in a great interest rate, but based on a recent analysis, homes listed in the first half of May sell for more money than those listed at any other point during the year.

Fewer Homes, More Competition

Because the beginning of the spring season has been marked by a shortage in real estate inventory, those buyers who are present in the market are willing to buy more money to land their ideal property. How much more? According to a Zillow survey of real estate markets across the country, homes listed during the first half of May sold for $2,400 more than homes listed at other times throughout the year.

Selling Faster

But it’s not just more money that you could look forward to by selling your Chetek WI home this May, it’s a quicker closing. The survey also found that homes listed this month sell two weeks sooner than those listed at any other time.

Timing is Key

It is indeed an opportune time to list your Chetek WI home, with May being the month that homeowners can yield the highest return, however, the rest of the summer can be just as lucrative! June and July are also beneficial times to sell your Wisconsin home, just note that traditionally, home sales start to slow come August and September.

Ready to make a move and list your Chetek home this spring? Give Six Lakes Realty a call today!

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