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Boosting Curb Appeal During the Holiday Season in Chetek WI

christmas-light-1254769We mentioned in a past blog post that the fall and winter seasons can be one of the best times of the year to sell your Chetek home. Now that we’re nearly halfway through December, it’s time to step back and make sure you have all of the pieces in place that contribute to a successful home sale.

The holiday season is not just a beautiful time in the Chetek WI area, but the cozy feelings surrounding this time can actually help homebuyers forge a connection with a property and in turn, help you to sell your home.

With that said, curb appeal can play a major factor in attracting buyers to a Chetek home this winter, so it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

Stay away from clutter
During the holidays, it is not too difficult to get carried away with the decor— lights, figurines, trees, garland, wreaths and even oversized yard displays. However, you’ll want to steer clear of clutter in order for Wisconsin buyers to focus on the home itself and not the decor scattered around. Of course, you can put up your tree and string lights outside, but try to stick to white lights or a single color scheme. This allows a home to feel festive while still put together and fresh.

You’ll also want to keep your yard free of any seasonal signs and inflatable holiday displays. Remember, the buyer should be able to notice your house, not your belongings.

Start outside
Decorating the exterior of your home is likely one of the first tasks you tackle this season, but before you start unloading your boxes of lights, stick to your streamlined strategy. Just like indoors, white lights or a single color are ideal for outdoor illumination and fresh, natural elements are always welcome. Live greenery like garland and wreaths can be hung around your entryway to create a welcoming tone and if you want to go one step further, you can set festive topiaries or decorative trees on either side of the door.

The front door is one of the first features of your Chetek home a buyer will notice, so keep it simple, keep it clutter-free and keep it inviting.

Let your home shine
If you have a large picture window in the front of your home, a beautiful fireplace or staircase, you’ll want to let it shine on its own, without the help of holiday decor. A fireplace can often get lost among dozens of stockings and mantle decor! Before a buyer arrives, walk through each room and remove any furniture or holiday decor that may be blocking the best features of your property. The buyer will want to see these features unobstructed so they can get a better feel for your home.

You can count on Six Lakes Realty to help with every aspect of your home sale this winter! Contact us with any questions you have about the local real estate market or listing this time of year.

We look forward to hearing from you and happy holidays!

John Flor
Managing Broker
Six Lakes Realty
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