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3 Reasons Why Fall Is a Great Time to Sell Your Chetek Lake Property

colours-of-autumn-1401554Just because the summer has come to an end here in the City of Lakes, that doesn’t mean your chance to sell your home has gone along with it! Contrary to what many homeowners believe about the real estate market, fall can actually be a very lucrative time to sell your lake property.

If you’ve been wondering if it’s too late to list your lake property this year, the answer is no! It is never too late—or too early— to list your property. Below are three reasons why this season can bring many opportunities to home sellers in the Chetek area:

People are constantly purchasing properties
People purchase properties year-round, even recreational properties. Gone are the days where people used driving around as the sole means of finding properties to buy. Now with the availability to browse homes for sale on devices like tablets, computers and smartphones, there is always a chance for homebuyers to come across your home, no matter the season! Listing your home now will still grab Chetek buyer attention.

Motivated buyers are still present
Certainly the summer months were busy with buyers looking to capitalize on low mortgage rates and families looking to move while the kids were out of school, but not all of them may have found the right property during that time. We often have serious buyers in the fall who have been looking the entire summer and have yet to find the perfect spot. This season is a time for less competition among both buyers and sellers and in fact, it can be our best recreational sales season!

Fall weather is beautiful in Chetek and can be much more comfortable for buyers out touring properties than the heat of summer. Listing your lake property now will allow you to reach area homebuyers that are hoping to purchase before the holiday season and snow arrives. But that’s not to say buyers are not still ready to make a move when the cold sets in! Winter also brings out serious buyers, those who are willing to tramp through two feet of snow or brave sub-zero temperatures to view a property.

The bottom line? Six Lakes Realty cannot sell your home if it’s not listed! There is never a bad time to list your Chetek property and we are happy to help you achieve your home seller goals this year.

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