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4 Renovations That Can Bring Down Your Chetek WI Home Value

screwdrivers-1417214As the weather gets colder in Northwestern Wisconsin and we begin to spend more time indoors, homeowners tend to start planning renovations that can be completed before spring rolls around. Projects like painting, installing new light fixtures, updating bathrooms and even converting bedrooms into offices can be tackled while staying inside where it’s warm, but that doesn’t mean they should be.

It’s important to remember that there are certain renovations that can really put a damper on your Chetek WI home value. Before you begin calculating expenses, take note of these common blunders that should be avoided for resale’s sake:

Removing a bedroom
Regardless of your plans for removing a bedroom—whether it’s to expand a master bedroom or lend more space to a living room—this is one renovation that can hurt your resale value. Keep in mind that the more bedrooms a home in Chetek has, the higher the price it tends to bring. As soon as you remove a bedroom, you have changed the value of your home and how it stacks up to others in the neighborhood that may have more.

Removing closets
One of the most popular reasons homebuyers are moving today is due to lack of storage. Buyers are looking for closets and storage options, so think twice before comprising your closet space to make more room for a bathroom or bedroom. Oftentimes, Chetek homebuyers will count the number of closets in each room as they tour the home.

Converting your garage
Just like closets, buyers are looking for useable garage space. Before you plan renovations to turn your garage into a living space, office, bedroom or rec room, consider the following: 75 percent of buyers reported that having a garage is “extremely important” to them according to a recent survey! However, there is one option if you are set on converting the garage— leave the garage doors. By leaving the doors on the outside, the new homeowners could easily change the space back into a garage if they so desired.

Adding wallpaper
Yes, wallpaper can be removed, but it has a reputation among homebuyers as being a lot of work to take down.

Our team at Six Lakes Realty can help you sell your Chetek area home, no matter the season, but there are always certain factors that can help you achieve a successful sale! Do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions about listing your home or making improvements, we’re happy to help!

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