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Who You Need to Notify When Moving to a New Home in Chetek WI

moving-tools-1-1529669In a previous blog post, we shared three common mishaps that can occur when moving to a new home in Chetek WI, from not having the proper strategy to packing at the last minute. But there is one more step you’ll want to cross off your list prior to settling into your new residence in the City of Lakes— notifying the proper parties off your change of address!

By notifying the following parties of your move, you’ll avoid any hassles that tend to pop up with your mail and various accounts:

Your employer
As soon as your move is official, you will want to notify your employer of your change of address. They will need to send tax documents and insurance information at the end of the year and these are items you won’t want getting lost in the mail!

Your landlord
This should be one of the first parties you inform of your new Chetek WI address! If you’re currently renting, you will likely need to notify your landlord of your move at least thirty days in advance. They will need your move-out date in writing as well as your new address to forward any packages, paperwork and if applicable, your security deposit after you have packed everything up.

Post office
Changing your address with the post office is a quick and easy process that will help you avoid any inconveniences surrounding your mail. There may be a small fee involved for making this amendment with the USPS, but simply filling out their online form or in person in a matter of minutes will have you well on your way to an easy move!

The last thing you want on the day of your move to a new Chetek home is for the electricity to be shut off. Arrange for your utilities at your previous address to be disconnected on moving day and transferred into your name at the new address by the same date.

Utility companies include electricity, gas, water, internet and cable, as well as any other city services you may need.

If you’re moving from out of state to Northwestern Wisconsin, the typical time frame to update your registration, license and insurance information ranges from 10 to 30 days. It is always wise to visit the DMV as soon as possible to fill out the necessary paperwork to change your address.

Financial and government agencies
Regardless if you are relocating from another state, numerous agencies will need to be informed of your move including the electoral register, IRS, credit card companies, your personal bank, and the local Social Security Administration. It is also important to make sure your health, life and homeowner’s insurance policies are all updated with your new Chetek address.

Six Lakes Realty will help make your move to a new home as smooth as possible this year! Give us a call today for a list of available properties in the area or with any questions you have about about the homebuying process!

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