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How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse on Your New Chetek WI Home

lens-1427469You’ve made it through the mortgage process and closing and have just been handed the keys to your new Chetek WI home. It’s an exciting time filled with the thrills of being a new homeowner. However, some Wisconsin buyers may find themselves feeling remorse over the large purchase they just made.

More often than not, these feelings could have been avoided entirely by making wise, rational decisions about which home works best for you in the City of Lakes. Six Lakes Realty, as your local real estate experts, will walk you through the home buying process this year so you too can bypass the experience of buyer’s remorse.

Keep these tips in mind as you house-hunt in Northwestern Wisconsin and you’ll be on the right track for a lifetime of homeowner happiness!

Do Not: Buy too big of a home
Buyers commonly think a large home is what they need, but after they move in, realize the maintenance and upkeep are simply too much to handle. Heating and cooling bills are all necessary to take into account as they can be much higher in a large home, not to mention cleaning can take twice as long. Always consider utility bills and bring a tape measure with you to ensure your furniture will work in the spaces.

Do Not: Buy for the trends
It can be easy to fall in love with home feature fads like colored appliances, modern countertops and unique light fixtures, but you may find yourself in a tight spot at resale. Styles change and today’s trendy features will make it that much more difficult to sell when they become a “thing of the past.” Stay on track by eyeing homes with classic, timeless features instead.

Do Not: Underestimate the layout
When you tour a home in Chetek WI, consider you usual patterns and habits— especially in the kitchen. Awkward layouts can get in the way and affect how a home is effectively run. For instance, an island in the kitchen may seem like a wonder, but if it interferes with your usual cooking patterns, it can become an obstacle.

Do Not: Overlook what’s missing
Not every Wisconsin home you look into this year will have every feature you want. In fact, some homeowners and builders will remove features to make the home feel larger— removing the bathtub in favor of a shower, as an example. It is wise for Chetek area homebuyers to factor in what is missing as you may find yourself wishing you had a tub after you’ve moved in. Not to mention, these will be added expenses should you decide to add them in later.

As your trusted Chetek real estate team, we can help you find the right home for your wants and needs this year. Do not hesitate to give us a call!

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