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Items Every Chetek WI Homeowner Should Have on Hand

garden-hose-1247704Whether you’re thinking of purchasing your first home in Chetek WI, a vacation property you can visit year-round or are simply ready to move on to a new place in the City of Lakes, there are certain items every homeowner should have on hand. For instance, you may find yourself in need of changing lightbulbs, tightening screws and swapping out fixtures from lighting to plumbing and the last thing you need is a trip to the hardware store when one of these issues pops up.

We’ve put together the following list of items every homeowner should have to avoid any hassles that can arise as early as Moving Day:

A ladder will come in handy for everything from changing lightbulbs to cleaning out the gutters.

Place a few flashlights around your Chetek home so you are not caught off guard when the power goes out. You may also find you need to explore dark spaces of your property like the basement, vents and crawl spaces.

At some point, every homeowner will find a need to tighten or loosen things around the house, as well as hang pictures and curtain rods.

Basic set of tools
In addition to a drill, homeowners in Northwestern Wisconsin would be wise to invest in a basic set of tools— including a screwdriver, hammer, wrench, pliers, saw and tape measure.

If you’re lucky, this will come in your tool set, but hanging artwork, evening out furniture and DIY projects will all require the use of a level.

Extension cords
For use both indoors and outdoors, an extension cord will be helpful in powering TVs, video equipment, holiday lights, and your electric lawn and garden tools. While you’re picking these up, you might also want to consider purchasing a surge protector.

Set of paintbrushes
When you move into a new home in Chetek, chances are you will be painting— rooms, furniture, exteriors and more. Purchase a set of paintbrushes in various sizes, as well as paint rollers to make the jobs a bit easier.

Fire extinguisher
Of course we hope you don’t need to use this, but just to be safe, keep an extinguisher in the kitchen or utility closet.

Rake and shovel
These lawn tools will be useful year-round, from sprucing up your yard in the spring, summer and fall to clearing pathways during the cold Wisconsin winters.

Garden hose
Your home may not have one when you move in, but a garden hose is essential for cleaning up outdoors and watering plants and flowers.

Do not hesitate to contact Six Lakes Realty with any questions about buying or selling a home in the Chetek WI area this year. We look forward to hearing from you!

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