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Showing Safety for Your Chetek WI Home

Showing Safety for Chetek WI Homes

Once you’ve decided to list your home in Chetek WI, it’s only a matter of time before potential buyers come through for showings. Many homeowners clean and declutter to help the property look its best, in the hopes of someone writing an offer, but there are still a few more steps to take to be fully prepared.

You probably already know to store your valuables, but since you will not know everyone that comes through the door, Chetek area homeowners can follow these safety tips as an added precaution:

Take your remotes
You may not think about it when sprucing up for potential homebuyers, but that garage door opener hanging on a hook in the kitchen should go with you when you leave. Small gadgets like these are easy to slip into a pocket, so remember to take all remotes, FOBs and keys when your home is shown.

Store important documents
Documents like birth certificates, financial statements, marriage licenses and the like should be locked in a file cabinet or safe during showings. You wouldn’t want these falling into other people’s hands or risk the cabinets being opened when homebuyers show up to tour the property.

Store medications
Realtor Magazine details many instances of homebuyers sifting through medicine cabinets. As an added method of security, remove all prescription drugs from your home, even those you think are harmless.

Take portable electronics
Your iPad or iPod may live on your nightstand, but during a showing, it should leave the house with you. These small, portable electronics can be easily overlooked while you’re cleaning and left in the open for buyers to spot. To be safe, put them in your pocket or bag on your way out.

Check windows and doors
When you return home, be sure to check your windows and doors. The real estate agent will make sure all lights are off, the front door is locked and the home is in good condition after they leave, but they may not check back, garage or side doors. After the showing, check every window and door even on the second floor to make sure they are locked.

As your real estate team in the Chetek area, it is our job to ensure you have both an enjoyable and safe experience in buying and selling homes. Have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!

We’re here to help.

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