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Should You Sell Your Chetek WI Home During the Holidays?

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Once the spring and summer seasons have gone, many Chetek WI homeowners are left wondering whether or not they should sell their properties. The short answer? Yes! In today’s real estate market, buyers are constantly searching for homes on their smartphones, computers, and even have set up email alerts when a new home becomes available and meets their criteria.

As we head into the holiday season, it is still an opportune time to list your Chetek WI home and as your local real estate experts, we’ve included a few tips below on making achieving that successful sale!

Give your home online appeal
When you team up with Six Lakes Realty, you can rest assured that your property will have a great online presence— which is key in today’s market! During the colder months, the majority of buyers will be looking for properties online and only head out to view those that intrigue them. It’s important to make sure your listing has clear photos and presents itself in the best possible light online.

Don’t go overboard on decor
Of course it’s fun to decorate for the holidays, but if you’re selling your Chetek home, you may want to scale it back this year. Stay away from holiday inflatables or other large yard ornaments that can distract buyers from the home itself.

Create a cozy feeling
The holidays are a major opportunity to create a cozy feeling and cater to a buyer’s emotional side. After all, buyers shopping for homes this time of year want to envision themselves entertaining for the holidays and staging your home appropriately can do wonders for bringing in offers. Set the table to prompt buyers to think about hosting friends and family and consider adding a Christmas tree to a big picture window.

Play up curb appeal
It is often a home’s exterior that will hook buyers and make them want to look inside. This time of year is excellent for grooming your curb appeal and inviting buyers to the door. Clean your gutters, make sure all pathways are clear of debris, touch up the paint, and perhaps add a holiday wreath to the front door.

Get move-in ready
Moving homes during the holiday season can be stressful for buyers, so make your home as move-in ready as possible. Fix any issues that you know exist, especially any pertaining to HVAC which is essential to have in working order during these colder months. Buyers may be more willing to choose your home if they know they won’t run into any hiccups before or after closing!

Ready to list your home and move on before the end of the year? Give Six Lakes Realty a call today! We’re here to answer all of your home selling questions and look forward to hearing from you!

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