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Should You List Your Chetek WI Home Now Or Wait Until Spring?

snow-1-1367968The majority of homeowners believe spring and summer are the only times to list a property in order to come out with a successful sale. However, this is just not the case— Wisconsin homebuyers no longer hibernate during the winter months and neither should you! Sure, there is snow on the ground, but that doesn’t stop motivated buyers from searching for their Chetek WI dream home even in frigid temperatures.

If you’ve been asking yourself when you should list your Chetek home or have had thoughts about holding out for spring, consider the following reasons you might like to list right now:

Buyers are looking 24/7
Homebuyers in the past typically waited until spring to start looking for properties as that is when the bulk of them would hit the real estate market. Now, buyers are constantly looking at homes online, browsing properties through apps on their phones, having listings emailed to them, regardless of the time of year.

If these Wisconsin buyers find the right property, they will buy well before the beginning of spring. Listing now could open up your home to this motivated audience and gain more interest than if you wait for the busy season to arrive.

Buyers reevaluate at the end of the year
Just as you probably have done, homebuyers in Chetek tend to take stock of their finances, think over tax benefits, learn about work bonuses, and generally, reevaluate their living situation at the end of the year. As a result, February is a turning point and time where they begin reaching out to real estate agents to start their home search.

These newly-motivated buyers will look at your home if it’s for sale early in the new year as they are eager to make a change. This is especially true for those current renters who were notified of a price hike in their lease for the upcoming year!

You have little competition
Naturally, spring is an ideal time for curb appeal with fresh flowers, green grass and perfectly staged outdoor spaces. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only time for success! It is not uncommon for dozens of homes to pop up for sale in the spring, in a similar price range and perhaps even in your same neighborhood. There is less competition when selling your home in February or shortly after, which means great things for Chetek sellers!

When spring arrives, buyers will begin to spread out as they will have more to choose from in the Chetek area. Listing your Chetek WI home early in the new year can allow you to capture the buyers that are now entering the market, planning ahead for the warmer months and those buyers that may have been on the house hunt for months (or the entire previous year) and are simply ready to find “the one.”

While the age-old idea of waiting until spring to sell your Northwestern Wisconsin home is common among homeowners, Six Lakes Realty can help you rethink your strategy! Contact us today for more information about the local real estate market and preparing your home to sell!

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