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Why You Should Sell Your Chetek WI Home This Fall

Summer is indeed coming to a close and while the warm weather season may have a reputation as one of the best times to both buy and sell homes, it is not the only time to reap the rewards of a busy real estate market. Fall is just as great when it comes to selling your home in Chetek. In fact, if you’re wondering if listing this fall makes sense for you, our team of local experts at Six Lakes Realty have provided the following five reasons why.

Buyer demand is high
Coming right off the busy summer real estate season, you will find that buyer demand is high! Buyers are still ready, motivated and most importantly, able to purchase a home now, so finding the perfect fit for your Chetek WI home may be easier than you thought. By listing now, you can take advantage of the buyers in the local market and be well on your way to a successful home sale!

You will have less competition
Not everyone thinks of fall as the best time to sell a home and a result, you will have less competition in the market! What many don’t realize is that with real estate listings available 24/7 online, via tablet, smartphone, you name it, buyers are constantly searching for the dream property. Listing your home in the Chetek WI area allows you to get your home in front of those buyers and as a bonus, with few other homes to draw away their attention!

The process will be faster
With the number of other buyers in the market competing for homes, today’s buyers have taken those next steps to speed up the process— for instance, getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Listing your home this fall means you will be able to enjoy a smoother, quicker process as the time to close on a home loan has dropped.

It’s time to move up
Dreaming of moving into a larger home in the Chetek WI area? You will want to get started now! Demand is high and buyers today are competing for properties with trade-up potential. With our help, your home in the City of Lakes will sell quickly and you’ll be on your way to finding what you need in a new property.

It’s time to move on
If you’ve been dreaming about selling your Chetek WI home and moving on, there will never be a better time! Mortgage rates are projected to increase over the course of the next year, as well as home prices, so what are you waiting for? Let our team of real estate experts help you sell your home and find the next perfect property.

Do not hesitate to contact Six Lakes Realty with any questions you have about listing your Chetek WI home this fall! We have helped numerous sellers find success, no matter the season, and we’re here to help you do the same!

We look forward to hearing from you!

John Flor
Managing Broker
Six Lakes Realty
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