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Renovate or Sell Your Chetek WI Home? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

It’s easy to see that the real estate market is heating up for spring— with buyers out in droves, ready to find their Chetek WI dream home! And while you may be temped to list your property and move on, there are a few questions to ask yourself to determine whether it’s the best idea to pack up or simply make a few changes to your existing home.

How long have you been in the home?
If it’s been many years since you purchased your Chetek WI home and it’s necessary for you to either up or downsize, it may be time to sell. However, if you’re relatively new to your home, consider waiting at least three to five years before you move on— think about what changes you could make now that would improve your living situation.

Will you over-improve the property?
Remember that home prices are based on comparable properties in your area, so before you decide to make improvements like a kitchen or bathroom overhaul, it’s important to make sure you won’t price your home right out of the neighborhood after they are completed.

Do you like your location?
Location is everything in real estate and if you love your location, it may be best to try to renovate and stay. If you can think of a better area you’d rather be in Chetek, consider selling and moving to your ideal location.

Have you outgrown the home or will you soon?
If your family is growing or will in the near future, now is the time to consider listing and taking advantage of the number of motivated buyers in the market. Again, if you love your neighborhood and can amend any space problems with a renovation like a larger, more open kitchen or even finishing the basement, perhaps it’s best to stay put.

Do you have the budget for a renovation?
You can dream of the improvements you would make to your Chetek WI home all day long, but if it’s not in the budget or you’re not prepared for everything a renovation involves (permits, timeline changes, inspections), it’s probably better to leave it as a dream. Instead, consider finding a property that better suits you without all of the work (and sometimes headache) of renovating.

No matter if you’re ready to buy a new home in the City of Lakes, are curious what your current property might be worth, or are looking for the next steps toward selling— you can count on Six Lakes Realty! Give us a call today for a list of available properties or suggestions on how to get the most from your home!

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