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Red Flags to Watch for When Buying a Chetek WI Home

When buying a home in Chetek WI, you will likely be looking for several factors— the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, lot size, yard space, and of course, the location. While these deserve attention and will all undoubtedly help you decide which home is best for you, there is a completely separate set of factors to watch for on your buying journey. It is the set of red flags that you may notice when touring available homes in the Chetek area— those that should steer you away from buying that particular property and avoid buyer’s remorse later!

Below are five red flags to watch for when shopping for homes in the Chetek WI area:

1. Foundation problems
Issues with a home’s foundation can be costly, so take a look when you arrive to view the property. Smaller cracks could just be an indication of the house settling, while larger gaps should cause you to pause. Uneven floors and even cracks around window frames can also be the result of foundation problems.

2. Poor window installation
As I mentioned above, cracks around window frames or even windows that stick can mean the property has foundation issues, but it’s worth noting how they were installed. If the windows are new, but were not installed properly, you still may have to replace them.

3. Mold
This is another major issue for buyers that can be detected by taking a look around pipes and drains, often found inside bathroom or kitchen cabinets. Check the caulking around the tub and faucets, noticing any black spots, then look up for the same on the ceiling.

4. Water damage
It is not uncommon for homes to have water damage, especially if they are older, but it can often point to larger issues like a roof in need of replacement. As you shop for homes, look for water lines on the walls or ceiling, and bubbles or dips that could indicate pooling water behind the scenes.

5. Poor tiling
DIY projects from previous homeowners are not always a bad thing, but keep your guard up just in case. Tile that has large gaps or sits unevenly is often an indication of how well the job was done and could mean other issues (or projects in need of re-doing) elsewhere in the home.

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