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Price Strategies for Your Northwestern WI Home

home sale price strategies

Choosing a price for your Northwestern Wisconsin home involves comparing it to recently-sold, similar properties and local, active listings.  While this market-based approached to pricing is highly reliable, certain homes can do well with other strategies. Here’s two examples!

Cash buyer pricing. If a home isn’t suitable for FHA, VA or Conventional financing, due to its condition or some other issue, it will need to attract a cash buyer. Typically this requires discount pricing. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! With an attention-grabbing price, it’s possible to attract multiple cash offers, leading to a sale above your list price. 

Since cash buyers aren’t worried about mortgage approvals, they usually skip appraisals and contingencies, and close the deal quickly. For this reason, cash buyer pricing can be useful for estate sales and other situations. 

Rare opportunity pricing. This can be suitable for a luxurious waterfront property, or a distinctive home with fantastic views. Highly desirable homes can get away with pushing the envelope on price – to a point. There is a limited pool of qualified buyers for high priced properties, and luxury homes can take longer to sell.

It’s important to know where your property stands in the local market. We’ll evaluate your home value and share top-dollar strategies, without any cost or obligation!

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