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How to Prep Your Northwestern Wisconsin Lawn for Spring

The weather is now finally starting to warm up and it seems spring has officially sprung here in the City of Lakes! As everyone begins to make their way outside once again, exploring shops, parks and of course, the lakes, there is one more area that needs your attention— your lawn! Everyone dreams of a lush lawn and if you’re a homeowner in the Chetek WI area, there are a few steps to take to ensure yours is ready for the season ahead.

Below are five steps to prepare your lawn for spring, eventually leading to a boost in your curb appeal:

Keep weeds away
A perfect lawn is free of weeds and by starting early, you can stop them before they even begin to grow. Take care of any weeds you notice in your garden, so they cannot make their way into your yard and pick up an herbicide to use on your lawn as a preventative measure.

Repair your lawnmower
If you haven’t paid your lawnmower any attention lately, now is the time to make sure everything is in working order. Replace the oil and gas as directed and if necessary, replace any old spark plugs and filters. It’s also essential to replace the mower blade so your grass is cut evenly and consistently.

Clear and tend
Have you noticed any dead spots on your lawn or a spongy layer starting to form? If the layer is at least an inch tall, it’s time to clear it out as it can promote weeds and other disease. However, if it’s less than an inch, it can actually protect the soil and roots of your lawn.

After winter ends, your lawn may be patchy and dead in spots. If it’s too far gone, you can start from scratch with sod or seed, while you can also fill in these places to promote new growth. It’s essential to fill any bare spots you notice with sod or seed so weeds don’t have the opportunity to grow.

If you haven’t started fertilizing your lawn already, now is the time to kick it into gear. Mark your calendar to stay consistent on the fertilizing schedule for a healthy, lush lawn this spring.

A healthy lawn can do wonders for curb appeal this year! Give Six Lakes Realty a call today for more tips on attracting buyers to your Chetek WI home and boosting curb appeal. We’re here to help!

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