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4 Things to Ignore When Shopping for a Chetek WI Home This Spring

As you begin to shop for homes in Chetek WI this spring, you’ll likely run into a few features that aren’t your favorite. From paint colors to layout, these features may catch your eye, but it’s important to know what you can ignore, what’s worth compromising over, and what you should be concerned about in your potential home.

As your local real estate experts in Chetek, you can count on Six Lakes Realty to make sure you’re prepared for everything you may encounter during your home search and what truly matters. Below we’ve included four things you can ignore as you start house-hunting this spring:

Even if you prefer a home that’s move-in ready, don’t be too worried about wallpaper or even odd paint colors in a Chetek WI home. Removing wallpaper and repainting can be completed prior to your move-in date and doesn’t always have to be expensive. In fact, this may be one of the easiest home projects to tackle in the grand scheme of being a homeowner.

Your ideal flooring is just a few hours (or days, depending on the flooring) of work away, so try not to get too distracted by old carpet that may not suit your tastes. If you know the home has hardwood floors underneath the carpet, it will be a quick project to uncover them, and if not, there is the option to have new flooring installed before you move in.

Rooms with Different Uses
Maybe you’re touring a Chetek WI home and find one of the bedrooms has been turned into a walk-in closet. Or perhaps one of the closets is being used as an office. Regardless of the current use of the room, know that it can always be changed back to its original purpose. If you encounter one of these rooms while house-hunting, it’s best to keep an open mind and remember that craft room is actually another bedroom.

Personalized Decor
While it is encouraged that homeowners essentially remove themselves from the property—meaning putting away family photos, diplomas, and the like—not all of them do prior to showings. If you love the property, don’t let this personalized decor cloud your judgment. Pay attention to the bones of the home itself, as well as the location, as these are the features you can’t change.

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