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Credit Report Tips for Chetek Home Buyers!

If you’re planning to buy a Chetek home, it pays to review your credit report first! Your credit report contains personal information such as:

  • Current and prior home addresses
  • Personal identifying info
  • Employment history
  • Public records
  • Credit histories, including debt type, balances and payment habits

If there are any errors in this data, it could affect your credit score, and complicate your mortgage approval!

Fortunately, you can obtain a free credit report once every 12 months, from each of the major bureaus: Experian, Equifax and Transunion. is the only official website for this purpose. Beware of knock-off sites that offer “free” credit reports!

Your credit report is basically a history of your debt management. It will not include a numerical credit score, but it will show your payment habits for every reported debt.

If you find any errors, contact the credit bureau that supplied the report, and file a dispute. The bureau will flag the disputed item while they investigate the matter. If the bureau rules in your favor, the disputed item will be corrected or removed as appropriate. Allow 30 days for the bureau to investigate and respond.

Tip: not all lenders report to all 3 major bureaus. You might see information on one report that is excluded from another. This is why you can potentially have three different credit scores! We’ll talk about this more in our next blog post.

When you have questions about home buying, Six Lakes Realty is here to help you! As a locally-owned family business, we provide hometown, personalized service, backed by over 30 years of real estate expertise. Call us today!

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