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Chetek WI Home Selling Tips to Ignore This Year

When it comes to real estate, there are dozens of myths floating around, the majority of which today’s homeowners have heard— and worse yet, believe! As your local real estate experts in Chetek WI, you can count on Six Lakes Realty to walk you through every step of the home selling process, even if it means correcting a few of the tips you’ve received from family and friends!

Below are four home selling tips you should ignore this year:

You should only sell in the spring
In today’s market, homebuyers are constantly searching for properties— no matter the season! As long as your home is prepped for the market, you choose the right real estate agent and the right price, the season in which you list your home is no longer as important! You’d be surprised at how motivated buyers are to purchase a home during other times of the year!

Open houses will sell your property
Just because you’ve scheduled an open house does not always mean you’re going to find the right buyer and sell in a matter of hours— or days. Open houses can indeed be lucrative for some Wisconsin homeowners, but not everyone will land their dream offer once the last buyer has closed the door.

Hold out for a high price tag
Pricing is a key factor in selling your Chetek WI home! And despite what you may have heard, if the price is too high, buyers will notice. They may skip over it as they realize they could get more for their buck with a more modestly priced property with more amenities. You could also risk an entire category of buyers missing it simply because it doesn’t fit within their parameters set in online searches.

Resist the urge to price high because you think the right buyer will eventually come along that is willing to pay top dollar. The last thing you want to do is let your property “sit” on the market longer than it needs to— you can’t fool buyers!

Wait until next year
Unless the advice is coming from a trusted real estate source, it’s best to ignore any future market predictions. The way things are headed now, you could end up paying much more for your next home than if you took the steps to sell and move on now— so why wait? You can’t always bank on what’s around the bend, especially in real estate, because no one truly knows for certain.

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