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Chetek WI Home Sellers: 4 Reasons to List Your Home This Summer

property-for-sale-1-1150485-mWith Memorial Day now behind us, the “unofficial” start to summer is here in Chetek! The warm weather will soon bring more to the area to enjoy the City of Lakes, fun destinations like the drive-in theaters and of course, local resorts and campgrounds. One more thing the summer season tends to spark in Chetek residents is a desire to move to a new home in Northwestern Wisconsin.

If you’ve been dreaming about moving to a new property—perhaps waterfront or maybe you’d like to build on a vacant lot— below are four reasons to do so soon:

Buyer demand

This season, buyer demand is increasing! And paired with inventory trending on the lower side, we’re finding properties are moving quicker. Listing your Chetek WI home now could mean less time on the market than in past years and allow your property to gather interest quite easily.

Rising interest rates

Mortgage rates, if you haven’t noticed by now, are still hovering around historically low levels. These have indeed had an impact on the number of homebuyers rushing into the real estate market— especially since they won’t be this low for too much longer. The Federal Reserve has hinted that interest rates will soon begin to rise and as a result, more buyers will jump off of the sidelines.

Rising rents

The rising cost of rent is giving numerous potential buyers that added push toward homeownership. With more of these current renters turning into buyers in the next few months, putting your home on the market will offer a fresh new option in the market. It’s going to be an exciting and busy summer for Chetek WI real estate— sellers should be excited about their many prospects!

Vacant lots

Why not build this summer? Our area has a wide variety of vacant lots to choose from! If you’ve been thinking about building in the past, don’t wait any longer. Local homebuyers appreciate building as a shiny alternative to existing homes and in the Chetek area, you now have the opportunity to purchase a vacant lot at a great value!

Six Lakes Realty can help you take advantage of the exciting conditions in today’s real estate market. Not only do we have a beautiful summer to look forward to in an idyllic setting, the City of Lakes, but also prime time for sellers to make a move!

Have questions about the home selling process or available lots in the area? Give us a call! We’re happy to answer any and all!

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Managing Broker
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