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Home Staging or Hiding? What to Look For in Chetek Homes

As you browse Chetek WI homes for sale this summer, you may be distracted by features like floor plan, outdoor space, and of course, the location. And while it is important to take note of such items on your home buyer wish list, you will also want to keep your eyes open for minor flaws—or worse, major issues—that may be covered up by staging.

Below are four signs that a home seller may be trying to hide something with their home staging:

Painted Floors
Even if you have pets yourself, you may not want to move into a home and pay for someone else’s pet damage. If you happen to pull up the carpet and notice paint on the floor, it could be covering pet damage.

They may be excellent decor items, but rugs and runners can also hide warped floors or as mentioned above, pet damage. Walk along the rugs several times, paying attention to how the floor feels. If it feels unstable, buckles, or cracks, it is probably worth diving into to check for structural problems.

Furniture Placement
If the furniture placement feels off, it could be hiding a flaw underneath or around it. It’s worth looking closer to check for potential problem areas. What’s more, you’ll want to note the size of the furniture or appliances during your showing or open house. Perhaps the washer and dryer in the home are smaller than yours or your furniture is larger than what the property is staged with and may not fit.

Listing Jargon
When looking over a real estate listing, either online or via a flyer in person, pay attention to the jargon used. Phrases like “low maintenance,” “fixer upper,” “quaint,” and “cozy,” can be euphemisms for small properties that need a good amount of work.

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