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Check the Windows when Buying a NW Wisconsin Home

NW Wisconsin home windows

Unless you’ve replaced the windows in your home, you may not realize how expensive it can get. On average, it can cost between a few hundred dollars, to over one thousand dollars, to replace a single window! If you’re buying a NW Wisconsin home this year, look for window condition issues that may signal a problem:

Foggy windows: this means the window seal has failed, allowing moisture and air to enter. This can lead to mold growth, drafts, and higher energy costs.

Drafty windows: If air is seeping through, the windows are not sealing properly. This means higher energy costs, and more outdoor noise being audible in the house.

Windows that do not open, close or lock properly: This is caused by defects or damage in the window components. It can also be caused by poor installation or by structural problems in the home.

Visible damage: Rotting window frames or windowsills can indicate moisture damage, mold, or insect problems. Check all window glass for cracks or chips. Look for any missing storm windows, missing window screens, etc.

Outdated windows: Aluminum frame windows can have condensation and frost buildup, which lead to mold and rot. Old casement (crank handle) windows can have issues with the gear or tracks, causing them to jam.

If you need a home inspector or a contractor, give us a call! We know reliable pros who can help with troubleshooting and repairs.

When you need home buying advice, trust your local experts! Six Lakes Realty is a locally-owned family business with over 45 years of experience. Contact us today for friendly, hometown service!

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