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American Flag Etiquette for Chetek WI Homeowners

While both the Fourth of July and the annual Chetek Liberty Fest have come and gone once again, showing your patriotism with an American flag outside of your Chetek WI home is welcome all year long. However, did you know that there is a certain set of flag etiquette rules to follow in order to display the flag correctly and respectfully?

As your real estate experts in the City of Lakes, we have included below a few must-know tips for displaying your American flag all year long:

When displaying on a wall or window
If you’re planning to display your American flag on a wall or in a window, the flag should be flat and the union must be in the uppermost position to the flag’s own right (or the viewer’s left).

When displaying cross-staff
If you’re flying your flag with another in a cross-staff position, the American flag should be placed above the other on the flag’s own right (the viewer’s left).

When displaying with another city or state flag
If you’re flying your flag with another city or state flag, the American flag should be at the top. No other flag should be placed above or to the right of the American flag.

When displaying with another country’s flag
If you’re flying your flag with that of another country, the other nation’s flag should be flown from a separate staff at the same height.

When displaying at night
If you are displaying your flag at your Chetek WI home at night, the flag should be well-lit.

When displaying on a vehicle
Showing your patriotism on your car? The flag should be attached to the front, right fender.

When putting away
When you’re ready to store your American flag, remember that it should never touch the ground, and should always be folded before putting away.

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