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5 Ways to Get a Deal When Buying a Chetek WI Home

Everyone wants to find a deal when house-hunting in Chetek WI and the surrounding area. And while you may be distracted by “Price Reduced!” signs and homes that have been on the market for months, there are dozens of other ways to get a deal when buying a home in Northwestern Wisconsin. As your local real estate experts, you can count on Six Lakes Realty to help you find your dream home at a price you can afford. Below we’re sharing 5 ways to save money when shopping for Chetek WI homes:

1. Look for price reductions
As I mentioned above, looking for those “Price Reduced!” signs can help you spot a deal when house-hunting. Even if the price has already been cut, if the property has sat on the market for months, the seller may be more willing to work with a buyer on a deal. Remember, your real estate agent has extensive knowledge of homes for sale in specific areas that may be fitting for your budget.

2. Check how long the property has been for sale
Even if the price has not been reduced, simply looking at the number of days the property has been on the market can be helpful. Sellers may be willing to cut a deal if the property has seen little activity from buyers.

3. Work with the seller
If the Chetek WI sellers are motivated, why not offer an incentive to get the deal you’re looking for? For instance, if the sellers need to be out due to another home purchase or relocation, you can offer to move up your closing date. On the flip side, maybe they need to stay a few extra weeks after closing to get everything in order. Either way, you can ask your agent what might prompt the sellers to accept a lower offer.

4. Look at the kitchen
It’s no secret that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes in Wisconsin. Look at the kitchen when house-hunting and if it’s outdated or in need of repair, you may have found a deal. Kitchens that need updating tend to drive away buyers, but if the scope of work is doable for you, you just might be able to work with the seller on bringing the price down.

5. Put down 20 percent
When you purchase a home in Chetek WI, you will need to put down some money for a down payment. If you put down less than 20 percent, you will be required to purchase private mortgage insurance (PMI) which is then added to your overall monthly payment. To save when buying your home, make sure to put down 20 percent or you will see your mortgage payment tick upwards.

Do not hesitate to contact Six Lakes Realty with any questions you have about buying a Chetek WI home! From a list of available properties to calculating your potential payment, we’re here to help!

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