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4 Things to Pay Attention to When House Hunting in Chetek

The real estate market is booming, home values and interest rates are rising, and buyers are out in droves looking for their dream properties in Chetek. All of these may fuel your Chetek WI home search, giving you a push toward making a decision and committing to a property before market conditions turn around. However, there are also a few home features to take note of that will make a big difference once you’re moved in.

Below are four things you won’t want to avoid during your Chetek area home search:

Bedroom Placement

As a homebuyer in today’s market, your search parameters will help you narrow down homes that meet your requirement for number of bedrooms. But one thing you may not be too quick to pick up on when touring the property is the placement of those bedrooms. Are all of the bedrooms upstairs? Or is the master on the main floor? Take note when you arrive.

Lot Terrain
When touring homes in Chetek, pay attention to the lot the home is on. Is the lot sloped? Or is the lot completely flat? This will play a part in the home’s maintenance, including mowing the yard, and if you have kids, whether or not they can play in the yard or even ride bikes.

You may not even notice whether or not a neighborhood has sidewalks when you tour a home, but they are an important factor— especially for families. Sidewalks provide an added safety buffer between your home or yard and the street, as well as invite you to take walks.

Sight Lines
Does your new home in Chetek have a great outdoor space? It might mean even more to you if you can see it from inside. Pay attention to sight lines within a home. For instance, if you can see through to the yard from the kitchen or living room. Can you cook while watching your family outside? It may seem small now, but after you move in, you’ll be glad you noticed!

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