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5 Things to Inspect Before Buying a Chetek WI Home

As a homebuyer, it is always important to do your due diligence on a property prior to buying. For instance, you will want to look into the location thoroughly, even browse local building records for a glance at the property’s history. And while you will typically go through a home inspection as part of the buying process, it is essential to be sure your inspector lays out the details of the following five home features to know what you’re getting into.

Consider the following your pre-homebuying checklist. These are indeed elements that an inspection will generally cover, but it doesn’t hurt to dive further into them to be certain nothing is overlooked.

Roof issues
A roof can be quite costly to repair, not to mention the water damage that can wreak havoc inside your Chetek WI home. The inspector will look for areas of wear, missing shingles, cracks, dips, and spongy spots. If they come across a sign that the roof may be no longer structurally sound or allow for water damage, they will include it in their report.

HVAC system
When you move into a new home in the City of Lakes, you assume the heating and cooling systems will be in working order. This is why it is imperative for the inspector to include a detailed outlook of when these mechanical systems may have been installed, their current state, and when they might need to be replaced. The last thing you want is to settle into your home to learn that the furnace has broken down!

Electrical issues
Bad wiring is a common culprit of house fires, so your inspector will be checking outlets to be sure they are grounded and attached to the power properly. If they spot any code violations or outdated electrical, you will want to pay close attention as these could be expensive to repair which is when you can often go back to the seller to negotiate prior to the close of the sale.

Safety hazards
To ensure your family’s safety in your new Chetek WI home, the inspector will look to identify the following safety hazards:

  • Mold
  • Soft subflooring
  • Peeling paint, especially if the home was built prior to 1978
  • Chimney blockages
  • Missing or loose handrails
  • Unstable deck supports
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Many of these can be easily replaced, or tested to confirm health hazards like lead paint, while others can be a much bigger job to correct.

Plumbing issues
Note that an inspector can only look into plumbing that is readily accessible, but they can identify signs of rust, corrosion, poor water pressure, and leaky pipes.

As your local real estate experts, you can count on Six Lakes Realty to help you feel confident in your home purchase in the Chetek WI area. Give us a call today for more information about buying a home in the new year!

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