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5 Things in Your Chetek WI Kitchen That Will Turn Off Buyers

When selling your home in Chetek WI, there are many ways to make sure you hook buyers and keep their attention, rather than send them running for the door. Factors like pricing and home staging are indeed important, but there is one more area of your home you’ll want to focus your attention on for the sake of landing an offer— the kitchen.

Kitchens are a serious selling point for homeowners in today’s real estate market and yours should always be shown in its best possible light. If you’re preparing to list your Wisconsin home, keep in mind the following five things in your Chetek WI kitchen that could turn off buyers:

Before buyers step foot inside the front door, double check that you haven’t left any trash on the counters or on your kitchen table. If you have a trash can that sits out in plain view, make sure it is empty to avoid any possible odors and clean the area around it as much as possible.

We all may be a little guilty of countertop clutter— whether that is small appliances like a toaster or coffee pot or even cutting boards and baked goods sitting out. However, when you’re selling your home, you want to make it appear as large as possible which is hard to achieve with such clutter hiding valuable counter space. The best rule of thumb? Remove everything from your kitchen’s countertops before buyers arrive!

Just as I mentioned that your countertops should be clear, so too should your sink! Don’t let buyers arrive for a tour with dirty dishes in the sink or even a stack of clean dishes left to put away. A clean sink helps your kitchen feel fresh and buyers could get the wrong impression about the rest of the property if its not!

Household pests are part of the homeowner package, especially if you have an older home. But that is the last thing buyers will want to see! If you cannot completely rid your home of pests like ants, flies, or even mice before buyers arrive for a tour, at the very least, you should put away all traps.

Litter Boxes
Of course you love your cat, but remember that not all buyers are cat people. Take care to remove the litter box from the kitchen if that is where it’s kept, any cat litter boxes, and pet food bowls from the floor. It’s a small price to pay to land a buyer who may otherwise love your home!

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