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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Buy a Home in Chetek WI

If you haven’t yet sat down to make a list of new year’s resolutions for 2019, what better time is there than now? It’s always a fun exercise to take stock of your goals for the year ahead and make a plan on how to achieve them. For many in Wisconsin, you might find that they are personal or health related, but one of your big resolutions or goals might be buying a home!

There are dozens of steps to take to successfully become a homeowner in 2019 and as your local real estate experts in Chetek, Six Lakes Realty is happy to help you make that a reality! Below are 5 new year’s resolutions to make in order to buy a Chetek WI home in the new year:

Eliminate indulgences
It might not be your favorite route toward homeownership, but cutting indulgences can be a quick and simple way to save for a down payment. For instance, could you stand to cut cable and instead use Netflix? Or on the same note, is there a streaming service you could cancel? You might want to cut dining out and your morning coffee runs, instead packing your lunch and brewing coffee at home. These little indulgences can mean big savings if they’re avoided!

Start a home savings account
You can’t save specifically for your home if you don’t have anywhere for it to go! Open a savings account specifically for your new home. Get into the habit of making weekly or monthly deposits—whatever you can afford—and watch your down payment grow!

Do a mortgage test run
The only way to truly know if you can swing being a homeowner in the Chetek area is to do a test run. Try saving like a homeowner—meaning you set aside your monthly housing expenses and an amount for your emergency fund—and see if you can live with your new budget. 10% of your mortgage payment is a good rule of thumb to account for maintenance fees, so start there.

Pay all bills on time
There is nothing that can raise a red flag quicker to a lender than unpaid bills. If you intend to get approved for a mortgage in 2019, it is best to make sure you pay all of your bills on time. Not only does this keep your credit score high, but it shows lenders you are capable of managing a monthly payment.

Visit open houses
This may seem counterintuitive if you’re not yet ready to buy a home in Wisconsin, but attending open houses allows you to see what properties are available in your price range. This gives you a more realistic approach to the market and could even motivate you to save more!

Six Lakes Realty looks forward to helping you with your home search and finding your dream property this year! Give us a call today for next steps on getting started or for a list of available properties in the area.

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