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4 Reasons Why Winter Is Ideal for Buying a Home in Chetek WI

snow-in-pine-tree-1265118_960_720The same question arises every year for Chetek WI residents— Should I buy now or wait until the spring? And while winter may seem like a hectic time to buy a new home with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season taking off, it is actually one of the best times to make a move.

If you’ve been pondering this same question and are ready to purchase a new home in the Chetek or Cameron area, below are four reasons why you’ll find the winter season to be ideal for pursuing a new property:

Prices are rising
Home values have appreciated by 6 percent over the last year and in 2017, you can expect them to continue to increase. In fact, home prices are projected to increase at a rate of 5.2 percent over the next 12 months.

Mortgage rates are rising
You may have noticed mortgage rates steadily rising over the past few weeks and that trend is expected to continue as we move forward into 2017. Rates have hovered near the 3 percent range for much of the year, but as you will see, they are now just over 4 percent. You won’t want to wait much longer to buy a home in Northwestern Wisconsin as you could end up paying much more than if you’d made the same purchase now!

You may be able to find a deal
While there are home sellers who list during this time to appeal to the serious buyers in the market, there are also properties still available that have been listed for some time. Buying a home during the winter could allow you to find a deal in one of these properties and with the right real estate team on your side, that goal may be well within your reach!

The new year is coming 
What better time to purchase a home than before the new year begins? By buying a home during the winter months, you are able to settle into a new property for the new year and start off on the right foot! Need to sell your current property before you can move on? No problem! Buyer demand is still high during the winter months as buyers are constantly searching for properties online, via smartphone, tablet, you name it!

You can count on Six Lakes Realty to help you find the best home for the best price this winter in the Chetek area. We’re always on hand to provide more information about the current real estate market, available properties and steps to take to successfully purchase a home!

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