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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Chetek WI Vacation Home

Deck in treesSummer is just around the corner! If the start of the new season has you thinking about vacations and where you will spend those long, sun-filled days, a second home in Chetek WI may be the answer! But before you start packing up, there are a few important questions to ask yourself to ensure this is indeed a realistic move to make in the months ahead.

As your local real estate experts in Chetek, Six Lakes Realty has provided three key questions to ask yourself and research prior to buying a vacation home:

1. Can you afford it?
Perhaps the most important question to ask and one that will require some number crunching. You cannot always count on being able to sell a home for a large profit or break even in the first few years, so be sure to factor that into your equation. Do you have the means to purchase a second home or will you need to rent it out to provide that extra income? If you will need to rent the property, how much can you logically ask for in the area? Weigh that number against how much you will need to make the home a worthwhile investment and you may have your answer.

2. How often will you spend there?
Chetek WI is a wonderful place to call home, no matter the time of year! The City of Lakes is idyllic in the spring and summer with many resorts and campgrounds nearby, not to mention excellent fishing, and equally as beautiful during the winter months. Ask yourself when you plan to visit the vacation home and how often you will spend time there. If the home is a getaway you plan to use throughout the year or for even months at a time, the investment could be a great decision!

3. How will you maintain your home when you’re not there?
When purchasing a vacation home, you’ll need to have a plan for maintaining it while you’re away. For instance, if you won’t be visiting the home often, someone will need to in order to make sure everything is running properly— heating and cooling systems, plumbing, even check for damage after storms. Do you have someone in mind to help you check in and control the upkeep of the property? Do you have a neighbor who can pick up any mail or packages that arrive? You will want to have a plan in place prior to purchasing the home.

Ready to make Chetek Wisconsin your home— either as a permanent residence or a vacation destination? Give us a call today! We’re here to help!

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