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10 Winter To-Dos for Chetek WI Homeowners

Christmas has passed, we’re coming up on celebrating a brand new year, and just like that, we’re in the thick of winter. The cold weather season is beautiful in the City of Lakes, but if you’re not careful, it can also take a toll on your Chetek WI home! As your local real estate experts, Six Lakes Realty has put together a list of 10 Winter To-Dos below, so you can relax and enjoy the beginning of the new year without any surprise homeowner headaches!

Take some time to check the following off of your list this winter:

Clean your chimney
If your Chetek area home has a fireplace, you will want to make sure it’s been properly cleaned before you continue to use it throughout the season. Creosote build-up can easily cause chimney fires, so take care to have it professionally inspected and cleaned. The rule of thumb is to have it cleaned after every 70 fires. If the wood you’ve been burning has been wet, have the chimney inspected after 50 fires.

Cover your air conditioner
If left unprotected, your air conditioner can become damaged from wet debris like leaves and even fallen snow. Shield the air conditioning unit with a breathable cover or you could risk the moisture giving way to rust over time.

Insulate your pipes
Frozen pipes can occur in your Chetek WI home, especially with these sub-zero temperatures! Wrap any exposed pipes (such as in a crawlspace or attic) with heat tape or insulate them with foam rubber to protect them from any type of freeze. Both of these items are inexpensive to purchase at a hardware store and cost much less than any damage from burst pipes!

Salt and shovel
To prevent any slips or falls this winter, keep a bucket of ice melt or salt handy near your front door or garage.

Apply weatherstripping
Cold air can easily come indoors through the gaps under doors and around windows. Feel for any drafts near these points of entry and purchase weatherstripping to keep the heat in where it belongs!

Create an emergency kit
In the event that you lose power in the winter months, or your furnace decides to quit, you should have a kit prepared with bottled water, batteries, flashlights, shelf-stable food, first-aid supplies, and even a hand-crank radio if you can.

Watch large trees
Heavy snowfall can weigh on large trees, causing them to be more prone to breaking. If you have any large trees near your home, you will want to keep an eye on them. Don’t be tempted to shake the tree after a snowfall, but you can use a broom to brush snow off of the limbs.

Monitor your heating system
If one of the areas of your home feels colder than the rest or you notice odd noises coming from your HVAC, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Be sure to change the furnace filter regularly and have the unit inspected if it has been a while.

Protect entry flooring
With all of the snow, ice, and dirt that can be tracked inside in the winter, it’s essential to protect the flooring of your entryway. Use floor mats inside and outside to prolong the life of your floors, and consider keeping a waterproof tray by the door for wet boots and shoes.

Change smoke detector batteries
Winter weather will prompt you to run your heat more than usual, and keep fires roaring in the fireplace, so don’t take any chances with your smoke detectors. Replace the batteries and make sure you have detectors on every floor and in every bedroom.

Considering a move in Chetek WI? Ready to sell your property and start fresh for the new year? Give Six Lakes Realty a call today! We’re here to help you find your next dream home in the City of Lakes!

Happy new year!

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